Kalnirnay 2020 - Marathi Calendar 2020

Marathi Calendar 2020 : Download The Online App Now For A Perfectly Managed 2020

Space and time are the two amazing wonders, which widens substantially ahead and behind of us at the same time. There is a huge realm of space out there where patterns, intervals, regularities and periods to search for. Indian astronomy is sharply distinguished from the all other astronomies. The western calendar is completely based on sun. Indian calendar is based on both the moon and the sun. India is a country with 29 states where different language is used for interactions, different and common festivals are celebrated and for this they have different calendars. There is one group kalnirnay and it is well known as India’ Salmanac publisher. It started in the year 1973 and it emerged out to be a number one and as regarded as the most authentic publisher that provides updated information about the auspicious days, festivals in India and religions and culture. According to the audit bureau of circulation kalnirnay group is the largest publication in the world with the circulation of 1,81,87,168 copies. You can too download Kalnirnay 2020 Pdf online from the play store.

Kalnirnay 2020

Features of the Kalnirnay

There is a Hindi edition which one can download online and get all the imperative information about the national events, festivals and holidays. Kalnirnay 2020 Marathi Calendar signifies the Panchang importance through the sunrise/sunset timing in all the Marathi months. Kalnirnay Calendar is going to prove hugely resourceful for Muhurat’s and marriage occasions. In the latest editions people will find the horoscope/forecast of all the zodiac signs for the coming months which describes the unique highlights and perspectives on the friendly and future opinion.

Important Features

  • View  the monthly events which is grouped by categories
  • There are facilities  to set the reminders for the interested events
  • You can view Panchang, Bhavishya And Muhrats for marriage
  • Detailed information  of the lunar events

There are printable pdf files and online application available which are easily downloadable at the Rs 35. There are number of features which you are going to get with the application. Some of the features that Marathi Calendar 2020  supports are
  • Horoscope/Panchang/ important dates
  • All the religious events
  • Indian holidays/festivals
  • Next year events to know all the upcoming venets
  • Reminders for all the events  and there re 3 section features available
  • Personal list can prepare the personal dates
  • Reminder lists for different events
  • Language settings as it is available in 4 languages
  • Location  to get a specific location
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These are the features which the 2020 calendar for Marathi panchang, but there is one downside of this application is that you cannot  use it offline and this makes  many users a bit uncomfortable as we have to use calendar anytime and anywhere  to plan something. On the other hand side that there is all possible information which is available with the application and there are many users who are using both  hard copy  and application both for more than twenty years. This is the best application to organize you. When you will get the Marathi edition then you will get to know about all the important dates and information.

Why should I download the online application?

If you believe in the Panchang, likes to keep updated with all the events and festivals then Marathi Calendar 2020 application is a must to have application. It is a guide that can help you manage your personal life completely. There are many features that you are going to get with this application which are mentioned above which will simplify your management for the 2020.  The application is reasonable to buy online.

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Kalnirnay 2020 - Marathi Calendar 2020 Monthwise

  • Kalnirnay 2020 Janurnay
  • Kalnirnay 2020 February
  • Kalnirnay March 2020
  • Kalnirnay April 2020
  • 2020 May Kalnirnay
  • 2020 June Kalnirnay
  • July 2020 Kalnirnay
  • August 2020 Kalnirnay
  • September Kalnirnay 2020
  • October Kalnirnay 2020
  • Kalnirnay 2020 November
  • Kalnirnay 2020 December

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