How Long Do Puff Bars Last

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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Puff bars are the new hype in the United States because since 2020 February there is a ban on their usable flavored pod system. If you don’t know about it yet; it is a disposable vaping device and is available in a variety of flavors. It is similar to electronic cigarettes but is different.

Some popular bestsellers are cool mint and banana ice. Puff bars are popular because it eliminates charging, refill and there are no different parts like in electronic cigarettes. It is simply ready to go device, take it out from your pocket and enjoy puffs.

How Long Do Puff Bars Last

In case you are thinking about quitting smoking and looking for a nice alternative, then puff bars is your way out. There are over 25 different types of amazing flavors available which you can buy according to your taste and preferences. There is a color code available for each flavor that keeps them distinctive and easy to choose from.

In case you wish to buy strawberry, it has a red color for grape you get purple and for mint it’s green. There are flavors such as mango, peach, melon, sour apple, banana, blueberry, menthol, cucumber, and others.

What More?

There are 4 ingredients in the puff bars which are nicotine, flavorings, vegetable glycerin which is 70%, and propylene glycol which is 30%. With one puff bar, you are going to get three hundred hits no matter how much harder you draw from it. For an average adult, it can last a few weeks and also depending upon your vaping habits.

The important thing to note here is that 1 puff bar equals twenty packs of cigarettes. You can stretch the use of the puff bar by being gentle on your vaping. Once the battery and e-liquid are finished you will need to buy a new one. Reusing is going to be unhealthy for your system and it is not recommended.

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Talking about nicotine which every puff bar user wishes to know there are 1.3 ml of nicotine and e-liquid in your puff bar. You also get options of 20mg and 50 mg to pick from.

This might be looking terribly enough, but puff bars consist of freebase nicotine which is different from actual nicotine and is less harmful. Freebase nicotine is a new chemical that imitates conventional smoking effects. You get rapid nicotine delivery from it.

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The majority of people think that nicotine is responsible for cancer and other hazardous impacts, but this is not the reality. In a traditional cigarette, there are 69 different types of chemicals used which cause cancer. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that only hurts in the long run and if you are abusing it.

Puff bars are less harmful as compared to traditional smoking and even electronic cigarettes. Many people in the USA have opted for puff bars because they are simple and less harmful. It can be used to quit smoking if you are an extremely heavy smoker.

How Long Does it Stay in your System?

Puff bars contain nicotine and they can stay in your system for about ten days. It is also going to depend upon the intensity of your vaping, the medications you are using, and even your metabolism. Nicotine traces stay longer in the saliva and hair. Detoxification can be done by drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and exercising.

Use anti-oxidants to flush out toxins from your body that accumulates due to vaping. Puff bars are new and there is not much information regarding how much damage they can cause. Because it has nicotine it can stay in your system similar to the case of traditional smoking.

Still, it is being used as an alternative to smoking because of many good reasons for the past few years. Puff bars are totally new and not much information is available about how long it stays and what damage it can cause.

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