What Do Puff Bars Do to you?

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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Using any type of smoking whether it is traditional cigarettes or vaping through puff bars, everything is harmful. Vaping is totally new and still under research so there is no certain evidence of how much and how it can affect your lungs. 

Though puff bars and electronic cigarettes are the new hype among smokers. Vaping is new so there is no confirmation about its long and short-term use impacts on your health. Although experts have theories that say how vaping can affect your lungs which are mentioned in this article below.

What Happens When you Take a Puff from Puff Bars?

When you take puff from puff bars it involves exhaling and inhaling fumes. When you smoke a cigarette you inhale the smoke of tobacco. When you inhale from puff bars, it heats up the liquid that turns into vapors that smokers inhale.

Vaping resembles a nebulizer which is a liquid medication turned to mist used by asthma patients. It is among the most effective way to deliver medication to the lungs. Similar is the case with puff bars which is vaping, but the thing you inhale is nicotine and other substances used in puff bars.

What Do Puff Bars Do to you

Chemicals Inhaled

When you vape you are inhaling harmful chemicals such as aromatic additives, flavorings, THC, nicotine, etc.  All these are used in a liquid base which is turned into fumes. This vaporized chemical gets into your lungs which can cause an inflammatory response. Vitamin E is often used as a delivery agent and used in liquids.

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Vitamin e is used as a supplement and when taken orally it is good for the skin, but can cause irritation when inhaled.  Vitamin e was found in the patients who had vaping-related damaged lungs. Other substances used in vaping tend to pose a damage risk to lungs such as

Acrolein : It is a chemical that is known as weed killer and can cause damage to your lungs.

Formaldehyde : Is another chemical that can lead to heart issues and even lung disease.

Diacetyl : It is a food additive that is used in vaping products and gives the flavors when you vape and can cause damage to the lungs passageways.

How Vaping Can affect you?

There is not much information available regarding the hazardous impacts of vaping as this topic is under research. Puff bars use diacetyl which s a flavored e-liquid used in the device. Inhaling of this substance can cause difficulty in breathing. 

Popcorn lung is one condition that can arise from vaping and for your concern, there is no permanent treatment available for this condition. You may experience chest pain, wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath if you vape abusively.

There are several other lung conditions that can cause due to vaping through puff bars especially if you are using a low-quality device to vape. It is recommended that you buy authentic puff bars to be sure that you are not consuming harmful chemicals through your fake puff bars.

Can Puff Bars Cause Lung Cancer?

There are many chemicals used in your puff bars and they can be host to cancer in your lungs. Still it's unknown about the cancer conditions through vaping yet. Vaping may or may not cause cancer and for accurate information, we might have to wait a bit longer.

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