What Does It Mean When your Puff Bar Blinks ?

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When a Puff Bar gives up unpredictably, it is somehow an annoying situation for a vaper. The main question coming to your mind is that ‘why my Puff Bar is blinking?’ There may be a number of reasons behind its blinking. The chances are there may be a manufacturing defect or error due to any other reason. Possibly, the battery or e-liquid has run out. Look at three common reasons behind the blinking of a Puff Bar:

What Does It Mean When your Puff Bar Blinks

The Battery can be Low or Dead

A Puff Bar is a disposable vaping device that comes already filled with 1.8ml E-juice capacity and runs on a 350mAh battery. If you use it on a continuous basis, then you may notice that it is going to blink after about 2 or 3 days. Its blinking can be due to dead or low battery. 350mAh battery can assist to complete the 1.8ml E-juice capacity of a vaping disposable pod.

E-liquid has Become Empty

A Puff Bar with a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity can puff up to 400 times. After that, it may start becoming empty. This is why you can start seeing a puff bar blinking even the battery is not dead or low. On the other hand, there are hundreds of disposable vaping devices in the market that do not have pre-filled E-juice. This is the main reason why most customers always complain that a Puff Bar with no pre-filled e-juice can puff actually less than that.

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Malfunctioning in the Internal Electronic Components

If there is internal damage to a puff bar as it is an electronic device, it may indicate that there may be a quality issue. In any case, if the electronic components are damaged in a Puff Bar like it has dropped into water, or its internal battery cable has broken, it is also a reason for blinking. Sometimes, this blinking issue can be repaired. But, if you are unable to fix this issue, then all you need to do is to replace the old one with a new Puff Bar.

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A Puff Bar Circuit Might have Shorted

You can see some circuit protectors in vaping devices like Puff Bars. Some manufacturers add these protectors to make sure that these disposable devices do not short. Of course, there is always a chance of short circuits in these electronic devices. If your Puff Bar has blue light blinking at the bottom, then you must discard it and buy another one.

Does Puff Bar Blink Blue before Using?

Sometimes, there may be chances that your brand-new Puff Bar shows blue blinking light as soon as it gets opened up. Of course, it has been through many testing phases. When you carry a Puff Bar on the plane, then changes in the height of aircraft transportation will offer changes in pressure.

A change in the pressure can simply cause premature battery discharge or leakage. Hence, it can no longer be utilized before disassembling it.

Last but not least, when a Puff Bar gets blinked, it may have to deal with many issues. You can either fix those problems or buy a new Puff Bar from your favorite gas station in the USA. The chances are low that a Puff Bar can troubleshoot. But if not, then you can get a new Puff Bar to get an enhanced vaping experience for a long time.

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