What Gas Stations Sell Puff Bars

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WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Today you can buy puff bars at any gas station in the United States. It is also being sold online and you can buy it right sitting at your home. There are convenience stores having them. The only problem buying your puff bar from a gas station is that probably it is going to be fake because they can’t compete with the variety and quality of an actual puff bar seller like vape shops that are going to sell you authentic products.

The majority of the people will recommend you not to buy puff bars from the gas stations because of the limited variety and fake products.

If you are in a hurry and there is an uncontrollable urge of vaping then you can walk in any gas station and get your puff bar, but there will be no guarantee if it is real or fake. However, if you know how to detect fake from real it will get easy for you.

What Gas Stations Sell Puff Bars

Preventing Counterfeits

In a gas station, there are pretty good chances that you buy a fake puff bar as these new devices are facing similar issues that are clone problems. There are low-quality devices on the shelves of the gas stations and they not only cause frustration to the buyers but can also cause lots of damage to them.  There is no way to find out at the spot what you are buying until you have precise knowledge.

There are many companies making fake puff bars that have poor quality, but it’s hard to detect on the spot. Fake products have already made their way into the markets especially in the gas stations.  So here are a few things that will guide you on how you can buy a genuine product.

Not all the gas stations have fake puff bars, but who knows until you have the power to identify. To get complete confirmation that you are having a genuine product it is recommended that you buy it from an authorized dealer and not from any gas station you stop by.

4 Criteria to Check to buy Authentic Puff Bars from Anywhere

Code of Authentification : There is an authenticator label present on every puff bar which you can scratch off. You can register your puff bar and verify it at www.puffsalt.com using the code on the box to avoid buying a fake puff bar. If you wish to avoid hazardous impacts on your health it is not much work to do.

Color of the Puff Bars : There are color gradient designs on every package. If it's pixilated or looks different to you as compared to the original it is a fake one and you must not buy it.

Font : A font deviation indicates it is a fake product. Every font should be appropriate and consistent all over the puff bar box.

Juice : If the product is not smooth and if tastes harsh then it is a strong indication that you have bought a fake puff bar. You must not continue its use and never buy it from the same place.

It has been observed that many gas stations might have fake puff bars, so if you know how to identify fake from real you can check it and then go for spending money on it. You can also use authenticated store locators for your puff bars.

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